Privacy policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide to the patients of the E. Gulbis Laboratory information about the purpose and scope of the personal data processing, protection and retention period, when processing their personal data.

Personal data controller

Personal data controller shall be SIA “E. Gulbja laboratorija” (hereinafter ‒ EGL), registration No. 42803008077, registered address: Brīvības gatve 366, Riga. We hereby confirm that all personal data submitted by you to EGL with respect to the laboratory testing will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the personal data protection laws and regulations of the European Union and Latvia.

Purpose and legal basis for processing personal data

EGL shall process personal data for the identification of patients, performance of laboratory testing, provision of information about the testing results and the changes thereto, as compared to the previous tests carried out by EGL, for payment for the tests.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data shall be the necessity to perform laboratory testing for the purposes of preventive or occupational medicine, for the assessment of the working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis, for the purposes of ensuring the management of the health or social care systems and services (Article 9(2)h) of the General Data Protection Regulation).

Possibility of anonymous performance of tests

The provision of personal data and contact details identifying the patients shall be voluntary. You shall have the right not to agree to processing personal data and to submit the analyses anonymously, however, in such case it shall not be possible to use the state-paid services or the health insurance policies, as well as you will lose the possibility to follow the dynamics of the results of the analyses over time.

Personal data categories

As a rule, EGL shall process the following personal data categories:

  • identification and contact details data: name, surname, personal identity number, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address;
  • data of laboratory tests: data contained in the referral to the laboratory tests, testing results;
  • data related to the payment of the test: payment status, code of diagnosis, insurance policy number;
  • data on authorised persons: data on the authorised persons submitting the testing material, receiving the report or accompanying a child under 14 years of age ‒ name, surname, personal identity number.

Manner of collection of personal data

  • information provided by the patient (inter alia, personal identification data contained in the personal identification document);
  • data on the patient contained in the referral to the laboratory tests;
  • information from medical practitioners or institutions, if samples are sent to the laboratory from other medical institutions;
  • results of analyses obtained in the EGL laboratory;
  • results of analyses obtained in the laboratories of cooperation partners.

Personal data recipients

Your personal data shall only be transferred to you and the medical practitioners or medical institutions involved in the medical treatment and specified in the referral. You shall have the rights to specify additional recipients of the testing report (for example, family doctor or specialist), informing the registrar to this effect, when submitting the testing materials.

Separate cases, when personal data are transferred to other recipients

Personal data may only be disclosed to the parties outside E. Gulbis laboratory to the extent allowed or prescribed by law.

If tests are carried out at the expense of the state funds,

  • to the National Health Service.

If tests are carried out at the expense of the insurer,

  • to the health insurance company.

If tests are carried out in the partner laboratories,

  • to partner laboratories.

If infectious diseases are detected as a result of the tests, whereon there is a reporting obligation imposed by laws and regulations.

  • to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia,
  • to the Health Inspectorate.

In cases stipulated by laws and regulations

  • to law enforcement authorities in cases stipulated by laws and regulations and only with respect to the purpose for which the data are processed.

For the purposes of scientific research

  • anonymously, if the adequate guarantees for the rights and freedoms of the data subject are received, ensuring technical and organisational measures for the integrity and confidentiality of data;
  • should it be impossible to use data anonymously, we will ask for your consent to use data for the needs of scientific research.

Data retention period

By submitting data, you agree that they are processed and electronically retained for the period of 40 years from the last visit, as provided for by the laws and regulations (Cabinet Regulation No. 265). The forms of the referrals to laboratory tests shall be retained for one year.

Data safety

Your data shall be stored on safe servers in the European Economic Area, by taking all the necessary technological and organisational measures, in order to ensure the safety of your data. It shall be the duty of the specialists involved in data processing to preserve confidentiality with respect to the obtained information.

Rights of the data subject

You shall have the right to access your personal data, inter alia, testing results at any time, to request rectification of your data (for example, updating contact details), restriction of processing or erasure thereof, if it is not contrary to the laws and regulations.

You shall not be entitled to request erasure of the testing results paid for by the National Health Service and insurers. You can request that your data are not sent to the medical practitioners, ensuring personal delivery thereof instead, however such decision may endanger your health and life in critical situations.

Requests must be written and sent by post or submitted in person in E. Gulbis Laboratory office, at Brīvības gatve 366, Riga, presenting a personal identification document, agreeing upon the visit in advance by e-mail or calling the telephone number +371-67801936.

You shall have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data State Inspectorate concerning the processing of personal data.

Contact details of the EGL data protection officer

In all issues with respect to the processing of your personal data, please contact the data protection officer of E. Gulbis Laboratory, by writing to the e-mail address