Instructions for use of the tick collection kit

  1. Open the sample transport kit, remove the transport container, alcohol wipes, and biosecurity bag.
  2. Before removing the tick, you can disinfect the skin around the area of ​​absorption with an alcohol swab.
  3. Before removing the tick, disinfect the area where it is soaked. To pull out the tick, use a sharp tweezers to grasp the snout as close to the skin as possible and slowly pull it out in a circular motion. If tweezers are not available, wrap a strong thread around the snout and remove the tick by pulling on the ends of the thread. After removing the tick, the bite is disinfected and the hands are washed with soap and water. *
  4. When removing the tick, do not crush it, do not tear it off, do not drip any solutions on top. In ticks, the virus is found mainly in the salivary glands and saliva, but Lyme borelia is mainly localized in the intestinal tract of ticks and can enter the human blood when pressed. If the infected tick is detected in time and removed properly, it is very likely that Borrelia will not enter the human body at all. *
  5. Place the tick in the transport container and unscrew it firmly.
  6. Place the transport container in the biosecurity bag and seal it.
  7. !!! The PIN code received in a text message and / or e-mail must be written on the bag in the space provided. The date and time of removal of the tick must also be indicated on the bag. If this is not specified, the sample may be rejected and the test will not be performed. !!!
  8. Place the sample bag in the box.
  9. The tick shall be delivered to a contactless device or collection point within 12 hours of removal.
  10. Store the mite at a refrigerated temperature (+2 – + 8 ° C) until it is delivered to a contactless device or collection point.