Water chemical and microbiological analyses

Gulbis Laboratory offers to perform water analysis. To determine whether the drinking water is suitable for use, it is necessary to perform water chemical and microbiological analyses. Chemical analyses reflect the state of water as a whole, while microbiological tests indicate whether the pathogenic microorganisms have not multiplied in water. We also offer detection of Legionella pneumophila bacteria, that cause legionellosis or “Legionnaires disease”. In cooperation with colleagues in Belgium, we determine heavy metals and the presence of pesticides in water.

The following parameters are set in the chemical analyses of water: electrical conductivity, total alkalinity, ammonium ions, nitrate ions, nitrite ions, water hardness, TOC total organic carbon, TIC total inorganic carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, chloride ions, potassium, sulfate ions, iron, manganese ions, fluorides, cyanides.

The following parameters are set in the microbiological analyses of water: escherichia coli + numbers of coliforms, enterococcal number, the total number of microorganisms at 22°C, the total number of microorganisms at 37°C, number of pseudomonas aeruginosa.

We offer a selection of each individual analysis or perform a general chemical and microbiological analyses panel. The general panel includes the following analyses: electrical conductivity, total alkalinity, ammonium ions, nitrate and nitrite ions, water hardness, iron, Escherichia coli number, Enterococcus number, coliforms and total number of microorganisms.

The answer is given within 3 – 5 working days, indicating the permissible standards for each analysis and giving the expert’s conclusions on the results of analyses.

Water samples can be transferred to all branches in Riga, as well as in Adazi, Bauska, Carnikava, Cesis, Dobele, Iecava, Jelgava, Jurmala, Kekava, Liepaja, Limbazi, Marupe, Ogre, Salaspils, Sigulda, Valmiera and Ventspils. Samples should be delivered to the branch till noon 12.00. In Liepaja and Ventspils samples are accepted only on Mondays and Wednesdays.

To receive water sampling containers, sampling instructions, finding out prices of analyses or any other additional information, please contact the above mentioned branches or  call: + 371 +6780 1112.

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