Workload and organization of work


E. Gulbis Laboratory Ltd provides it’s services to, on average, 5200 patients a day. After 1,3 million testing requests, 10,5 million analyses were performed in the year 2023.

E. Gulbis Laboratory Ltd collaboration with clients

E. Gulbis Laboratory is the largest clinical laboratory in Latvia that performs biochemical, microbiological, chemical, immunohematological, hematological, cytological, immunological, biophysical, cytogenetic pathalogic analysis of both human and animal material in order to provide disease diagnostics or health evaluation. The laboratory provides consultations in all aspects of laboratory’s examinations and if necessary helps the client choose the most appropriate tests.

The laboratory provides services to primary and secondary medical service providers, institutions that perform scientific research in bio-medicine (pharmaceutical companies) and to other interested clients.

The laboratory is aware of existent and future needs of the clients and tries to give more than the client expects.

The task of E. Gulbis Laboratory is to contribute to the health and well-being of our society by performing high quality laboratory testing and by offering a service of the highest level. The financial position of the laboratory enables to both keep providing the existing services and to introduce new and innovative technologies which are immediately offered to the clients. When attending to a client, employees:

  • respectfully treat those to whom they are attending,
  • approve of and respect the value and contribution of all personnel,
  • understand that patients and clients are the basis of the laboratory, and appreciate them accordingly. Staff expresses this understanding by being obliging, concentrating to quality and providing a service of the highest level which is based on the needs of patients and clients.


A short summary of the experience of E. Gulbis Laboratory

E. Gulbis Laboratory Ltd was founded in 1993 and back then it had 5 employees. Now it is operated by by more than 380 professionals of different fields

Since September 12, 2003 the laboratory is accredited. It acknowledges our competency to perform testing corresponding to international standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025; since October 8, 2007 – LVS EN ISO 15189:2007 and since December 17, 2008 – LVS EN ISO 15189:2013 thus ensuring international recognition of our testing results.

In accordance with quality control program all required quality control operations are performed every day.

The laboratory’s employees participate in international quality control programmes in Finland, Germany and Belgium, thus providing international laboratory performance and quality standards for E. Gulbis Laboratory.

The amount and organisation of work

The laboratory works 24 hours a day therefore providing the urgent needs of hospitals and ambulatory doctors.

The following departments have been established in the laboratory: haematology, hormonology, clinical chemistry, haemostasis, serology, molecular biology, citogenetics, bacteriology, cytology and the department of clinical analysis.

When collecting the material we use disposable systems thus providing complete safety for the patients, medical staff and eliminating possible contamination errors in analysis.

The laboratory has established it’s own branches and therefore offers it’s services to doctors and patients in every region of Latvia.

Also a courier service has been formed to transport the material to the laboratory and, if necessary, to transport testing reports to clients.

We deliver testing reports by courier, mail, fax, phone and e-mail. In clinically important cases the results are immediately delivered to the doctor who assigned the analysis.

The laboratory collaborates with worlds biggest courier service providers : TNT, DHL, World Courier, so if necessary it is possible to transport the material to other countries.

If necessary, it’s possible to arrange a service at home by calling us between 8.00 and 12.00, but this service is only available in Riga and Riga region.

The results (testing report) can be received where the material was taken or in any other of our patient service centers.

Testing report is delivered to the client according to the patients choice:

  • delivery by courier;
  • the client comes to the laboratory to get it his-/herself;
  • delivery by mail, fax, e-mail;
  • in urgent cases, by phone if the client tells the operator the patients full name and a special number that the patient has been given when registering the material.
  • Critical results are immediately delivered to the patients doctor

All testing results since January 1, 2004 are saved in a data base and are accessible immediately. The material for testing (serum) is stored frozen for one month so the testing can be continued or verified (which means there is no need to collect the blood again and thus efficiency is increased).

The quality is ensured by planned and systematic operations which are done in accordance with quality control system and are all documented to ensure adequate confidence that the laboratory provides quality services.

We collaborate with the majority of hospitals, ambulatory medical institutions, and individual doctors. The following insurance companies have also become our collaboration partners: AXA PPP International, Balta, Baltikums Dzīvība, Balva, BAN, BTA, Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group, ERGO Latvija, Gjensidige Baltic, IF Latvija, Seesam Latvija.


Since 1994 we attend NVD (National Health service) patients from all our branches.

Scientific/Medicament clinical research

Since 1994 E. Gulbis Laboratory collaborates with leading medicament manufacturers – MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme Idea), Glaxo Wellcome, Janssen-Cilag, Synthelabo, Sanofi-Aventis and others, that perform medicament clinical (phase III-IV) research in correspondence with Good Clinical Practice/ICH standards.

In the year of 2013, E. Gulbis Laboratory has participated in approximately 40 clinical studies in which tests from biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, imunhaematology, haemotology, immunology, molecular biology fields were performed.

Our quality for GCP/ICH and Good Laboratory Practice standards have been tested by international audits (USA Food and Drug Administration and others).


We provide training for medial medical personnel of our collaboration partners.

We organize seminars and lectures for clinical doctors and present news in disease laboratorial diagnostics, finding optimal solutions for clinical problems.

Personnel qualification

E. Gulbis Laboratory Ltd exercises regular personnel qualification – lectures, seminars, participation in efficiency courses, international congresses.

The personnel have had in-service training in foreign laboratories – Roche, Belgium Clinical Biology Institute and „ERASME Hospital” of „Cliniques Universitaires de Bruxelles” (Belgium) and laboratorial instrument production units DPC (USA), Becton Dickinson (Germany)

All medical personnel is certified.

Safety measures for unexpected cirumstances

  1. Most important equipment:
    • analysers – hematology,
    • analysers – clinical chemistry,
    • analysers – urine clinical testing,
    • analysers – haemostasis,
    • integrated computer system (computer network with 60 workstations).

    Most important equipment has replacement doubles so that the defective instrument can be replaced without slowing the result delivery rate.

  2. Data base security
    Backups of all data on the hard drives are made every day. These backups are stored on a special separate data carrier so in case of need all information can be fully restored on a replacement server.
  3. Reserves
    The amount of materials needed for work in the laboratory is checked regularly so that the work isn’t interrupted because of suppliers; most reacti