The procedure of visiting E. Gulbis Laboratory

We provide laboratory services to all patients and clients with a valid ID document at our patient service centers.

Free – of – charge services:

  1.   for patients who have signed and stamped referrals of a doctor who has the contract with the National Health Service (with indication that tests should be paid by National Health service);
  2.   for insured patients (at a private insurance company) in accordance with the health insurance programmes of insurance companies, a doctor’s referral and an insurance card/policy;
  3.   consultancy services, for laboratory tests applying in advance.

For a fee:

  1.   paid services, charged by the price list, for patients with a doctor’s appointment;
  2.   paid services, charged by the price list, for patients without a doctor’s referral;
  3.   anonymous services – charged by the price list.

In case of emergency, a visit to the laboratory premises is possible,  but with a prior approval of the  laboratory management and only with an accompanying laboratory staff.