Automated clinical analysis dispense / collect machines

Currently, the contactless analysis transfer / acceptance device works at these locations:
  • Rīga -
    • Brīvības gatve 366
    • Grostonas iela 6B (Olimpiskais Sporta Centrs)
    • Finiera iela 6
    • Uzvaras bulvāris 16 (DUS Virši)
  • Mārupe - Termināls E, Lidosta "Rīga"
  • Jūrmala - Viestura iela 22 (pie Lielupes "Rimi")
  • Ādaži - Rīgas gatve 5 (pie lielveikala "Apelsīns")
  • Jelgava - Driksas iela 7
  • Sigulda - Raiņa iela 1
  • Valmiera - Rīgas iela 19
  • Tukums - Kurzemes iela 42
  • Kuldīga - Sūru iela 2 (pie "Rimi" ieejas no autoostas puses)
  • Ventspils - J. Poruka iela 16
  • Liepāja - Rakstvežu iela 8
  • Madona - Saules iela 4
  • Rēzekne - Atbrīvošanas aleja 98
  • Daugavpils - Stacijas iela 45 (ledus halle)
  • Ogre - Rīgas iela 33
The contactless dispense / collect machine is available every day, 24 hours a day (00-24).

* In the case of a positive result, it will have to be verified by repeating it for free in the presence of laboratory personnel at any of our service centers. Positive unverified result will be sent to SPKC for contact tracing, but will not be accepted as proof of infection to receive a certificate of recovery.

To obtain and submit a contactless kit for clinical analysis testing, follow the instructions:
  1. Click the button above to start the process.
  2. Log in with one of the authentication methods provided.
    • Children can be authenticated with the "ID card or Passport" option
  3. Fill in the required information (e-mail, phone number).
  4. Choose the necessary analysis.
  5. Pay for the test kit and testing online with a credit card.
  6. After payment, you will be sent a PIN code by e-mail and text message, which will be required to receive and transfer the analysis set.
  7. Go to the nearest non-contact analysis transfer / acceptance device, follow its instructions for use:
  8. The test result will be sent to you by e-mail, as well as will be available in the section “My test report history” of our website.

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